Starter packs are convenient

  1. First choose: We have starter packs with cleaners ready to go out of the box, or if you’d like to do a little mixing, select from our DIY range.
  2. Next, where you would like to start? We have packs for one job, a few rooms, or the whole house! We recommend starting where you will reap the biggest rewards from eliminating unwanted chemicals.
  3. Restock from our ready-made cleaning products and DIY cleaning supplies

Starter packs make awesome gifts! If you would like a note added to your purchase get in touch!

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  • Figgy your home in one go

    Figgy your home in one go!

  • foaming soap pack

    Foaming hand soap pack

  • Healthy home trio

  • The Kitchen and Bathroom pack

    Kitchen & Bathroom – DIY pack

  • Laundry Refill Pack (DIY)

  • Recipe Booklet

  • Recipe booklet – digital file for download

  • The DIY laundry pack

    The DIY Laundry Pack

  • the Figgy sampler - ultimate DIY starter pack

    The Figgy Sampler – the ultimate DIY cleaning kit