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Figgy & Co. sustainability statement

It really resonates with us that we are caretakers for future generations. For this reason, we do our very best to implement as many sustainable decisions as we can. We actively share ideas with other sustainable businesses and employ new practices at every opportunity. Daily we are thoughtful of the resources we use, of the products we make and how we do business.

From our wee workshop on the Kapiti coast, we make our big plans to help Kiwi’s cut the nasty chemicals from their homes, for the health of people and the planet. All our home cleaners are free of toxic chemicals, our soap based cleaner is better for people and our waterways compared to detergents and when we ship our cleaners to you, we send them off in a completely plastic free box.

Now all of this is not to say we have reached our sustainability goal. We will always have work to do, and improvements to be made! But what we have, and what we work to is a guiding path that means at each choice we make, from right at the beginning when we are sourcing our ingredients to when we send off your parcel in the courier van – we are striving to be better than yesterday. To make the best, most sustainable choice possible each and every day.

Already we have phased out plastic packing tape, we recycle everything we can from the office and workshop, we choose to support local and fair trade, we offer refills to customers and our retailers we even have a workshop policy of no throw away coffee cups!

It is our goal to continue to make up to date sustainable choices that make sense for business and future generations – from how we manufacture, how we look after our people, how we supply and package our products and how they arrive to you.

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” – Robert Swan

How we are doing so far!

Local making – Our workshop is in Paraparaumu on the beautiful Kapiti Coast. This is where we make all our natural cleaning soaps and non-toxic home cleaners.

Ethical coconut oil – Our cleaning soaps are made with 100% fair traded coconut oil from the near pacific. Each pail comes with a code so we can trace the exact island that the coconut oil was grown. How cool!

Refill shop – We love to see you stop by and refill your containers! Our refill and shop is located at our workshop, 3/46 Hinemoa street. Site access is from Tararua street.

Packaging choices – With so many packaging choices we focused on product packaging is either reusable, home compostable or recyclable in New Zealand. We have avoided biodegrading plastic due to soil contamination and

Paper bags – All our dry ingredients and bulk laundry powder is supplied in a plain paper bag. No plastic liners, no bio plastic. just a sturdy brown paper that’ll be recycled or composted at home

Glass bottles – perfect to use and refill. Our Home cleaning castile soap, Everyday spray and disinfectant spray all come in a clear glass bottle.

Plastic milk bottles – Just from the shape you know they are kerbside recyclable NZ wide. Made from non-coloured HDPE plastic, these plastic bottles are sort after as a recycled plastic stock because they aren’t tinted.