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what’s in your bottle?

Home cleaning products have a history of being dirty!

We’d had enough of the stinging eyes and choking. So we did something about it. We’ve ditched all the chemical waffle and gone back to basics, you know, the place before the chemical madness.

This is how we are straight up, cleaning up! Our formulations will never start with nasty, mass produced cheap ingredients.

We start with goodness and you and the planet in mind

Now, we know it’s normal to hire some industrial chemist to formulate your new range of home cleaning products. We weren’t having a bar of that. Good honest cleaning isn’t rocket science – but it does need a different kind of thinking, to make the cleaning better.

So, instead we leaned in on our own science & health training, our ‘we can bloody do it’ attitude and years (and years!) of cleaning up gross stuff.

Hell’s bells we went all in! We put in the hours & taught ourselves how to make a cleaning soap like no other! This is what doing something different looks like.

Figgy recipes available for you to DIY and know what is in our


“Not only do we know the difference between a good working cleaner and a dud one, we know the difference between people-friendly and gross!”

We are an empowering kinda crew around here. We want you to know what we are up to.

We know we’ve got a clean ingredient list. But we want you to see for yourself & know that too. That’s why we have fully disclosed all our ingredients. So you have all the power to choose what’s being used in your home.

Not only do we tell you every ingredient in our cleaners, we’ll also share our recipes.

Lots of people over the years have said we’re daft for sharing our recipes, and maybe we are. But here’s the thing. Sometimes you might want to DIY your cleaners (I love doing that!), but sometimes you might not be feeling it….. and that’s normal too. What ever way works for you, we have you covered.

That’s the beauty of it all. Same ingredients. Same awesome home cleaners. You choose how.



All our recipes are in our DIY cleaning recipe booklet. Grab a copy, the ingredients and get mixing. Or love, love, love how we do things and get your home cleaners ready to go, right out of the box.