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Ready to get cleaning but not sure where to start? We're here to help.

Yes, both the Figgy’s bar soap and our home cleaning castile soap are made in-house from our Paraparaumu workshop. Our formulations are our own and we choose to use fair trade coconut oil as our base ingredient.

No, all Figgy & Co. products are palm oil free.

Both are liquid castile soaps – but the big difference is where Dr Bronner’s is a general-purpose soap, ours is formulated for home cleaning, this is why our soap works so well!

It is a soap made for home cleaning jobs specifically. Soaps are made from oils and fats. These oils and fats have different properties which on a scale, can make them more cleansing or moisturising. A soap for home cleaning is at the cleansing end of the scale, and a soap for body is at the moisturising end.

Soap uses its slipperiness to wash away and eliminate germs – this is why washing your hands is so effective at keeping yourself healthy. Other home cleaners use antibacterial agents which are chemicals to kill cells, to eliminate germs. This has been found to lead to antibiotic resistance and an uptick in allergies, asthma, and immune dysfunction in people. Our soaps will never have ‘antibacterial’ additives added for this reason.

Yes, soap is considered non-toxic by all the international and governmental chemical classifiers. Soap is also considered readily biodegradable in both water and soil – where detergents are not.

Yes, all Figgy & Co home cleaners are considered septic tank safe.

No. We do not test on animals.

Figgy & Co. is in Paraparaumu on the beautiful Kapiti coast. We hand batch all our home cleaners from here.

We only use whole plant essential oils to scent our products. We do not use fractionated oils, nature identicates or synthetic fragrance or perfumes.

Yes, we have several truly fragrance-free options. Home cleaning castile soap, Figgy’s bar soap, laundry powder and soaker, vinegar, and cloths. All our DIY powders are also fragrance free so fragrance free products can be made from these.

All our products are ultra pared back for this very reason in mind – we actively remove allergens and irritants. We have wonderful feed back from those with allergies and sensitivities that our products are very good to use and are helpful with managing symptoms and flair ups.

For two reasons. Firstly, ingredient transparency is very important to us. We believe it is empowering to have the information to choose what you use in your home. Secondly, life is full of ups and downs – at times many of use have the time and inclination to DIY our home cleaners, but at other times you may choose to purchase your Figgy home cleaners pre-mixed. What you will know is that either way, you will know exactly what you are using – no differences, no changes, no surprises.

Yes, get in touch with us theteam@figgyandco.co.nz and we can help you out.