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Sitting down to a cuppa and a clean home feels really, really good

You know the saying “less is best”? Of course we’re going to say it applies to cleaning ingredients…but we know it’s got a wider meaning.

It’s about clearing the clutter, about embracing a life that is beautiful in its simplicity.

We all deserve to feel like our home is a lovely place to be, a place where we can support the well-being of our families and ourselves.



It’s the little things we do, every day, that make the greatest impact

Toxic chemicals are gross. We know we need to get rid of them in our homes, that’s why we’re here.

But you don’t need a complicated system to follow, or a bunch of shopping trips to get all the natural ingredients you need.

You want products that do a good job, get things cleans, and smell delish.

We reckon it’s time you meet Figgy

Well, actually it’s me, Jane. The ‘mum’ of Figgy the Fantail, and the founder of Figgy & Co.

I’ve created products that get the job done, and done well. Straight up, we have to clean our homes right? So I reckon we make the best of it, and give the earth a helping hand while we’re at it.

As a mum of young kids I became so much more aware of what I was bringing into our home - and in particular I noticed how much cr*p was in cleaning products. Just ridiculous toxic ingredients and unnecessary fillers that don’t even do anything.

We all know plastic bottles are harming the earth…but what about the liquid inside them?

With Figgy you can literally track what island our fairtrade soap base (coconut oil) comes from.

You’ll recognize all the ingredients in the bottle.

It’s soap (and other nice natural ingredients). It’s simple, and it works.