At Figgy & Co. we are ON A MISSION for your home to be CLEAN AND FRESH WITH LESS.

Less packaging, less irritants, less greenwashing, fewer chemicals and… NO DETERGENT! Does this mean less clean? Nope. Our thoughtful formulations bring together ingredients that are easily recognisable, cut through grime and safe to  use. Let’s face it, life is all about choice – and when you choose non-toxic, detergent free home cleaners, your are casting a vote for your health and for the environment.

We’re Jane & Aimee, two women from health backgrounds who are looking for a better deal. When it comes to keeping our homes clean and fresh we don’t want the burden of unsafe or untested chemicals. When it comes to our environment we want products that will drain away without harm to our beautiful country. We have busy homes so its important to us that we can source safe and effective cleaning supplies from one place for a great price – that’s our vision from us to you.

We manufacture our non-toxic cleaning products on site in our Kapiti Coast Warehouse. We are the makers of traditional liquid castile soap and this is the hero that makes our cleaners so effective. We have also pulled together suppliers of quality DIY products from around NZ to bring you this convenience. Join us, the cleaning products in your home will be chemically conscious before you know it  – WELCOME TO THE FIGGY FAMILY!


It’ simple – DIY saves on packaging and is a more economical option. At Figgy & Co we believe that the use of chemically conscious products should be achievable for all and DIY helps keep this affordable. DIY also lets you take control of what ingredients you are exposed too, and more importantly, take control of the chemicals you do not want in your life!