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Figgy & co packaging

It’s important to all of us that consumer products arrive in its best packaging possible – fit for purpose, protective, sustainable and reusable.

Here’s a round up of Figgy & Co. packaging, lets how it stacks up.

Plain brown paper bags: we use these to package our DIY powders and bulk laundry options. We also use them for bundling our naked soaps and keeping our labels together. We choose plain paper bags that are unbleached, use pulp from sustainability sources forestry. They are 100% plastic free, they do not have a plastic liner or bio liner. Our paper bags are closed with cellulose tape not plastic tape. The are stamped with plant-based inks. Suitable for home compost or curb side recycling.

Glass bottles, pottles and jars: All our glass jars can be reused or recycled here in NZ. They need to have lids, triggers and dripolators removed prior to being recycled.

Plastic tubs and bottles: All our plastic containers are chosen for who will use them next. We use plastic made from resins that are curb side recyclable in NZ, 2 HDPE and 5 PP. We package into plastic that is see through and not coloured – this is known as non-tinted plastic. After recycling is collected curb side, it is sorted into colour and recyclability. Non-tined plastics sell for a higher bale rate are more desired for recycling and re-blowing into a new container because the plastic can be coloured to match a brand by the manufacturer – ie made pink or green. Tinted plastics are not so desirable because this post consumer plastic can’t be further tinted easily to match a brands colour – tinted plastic is destined to be down-cycled to black plastic items. Figgy & Co. chooses non-tinted plastic, so the plastic container has the best chance of being recycled and reused here in NZ.

Shipping packaging: We ship our parcels in cardboard cartons, packed out with newsprint paper and tape up the box with water activated paper gum tape. All proudly plastic free!

Product labels: Our product labels are made from 5 PP (Polypropylene) and while it is a resin that can be recycled, they are too small to successfully make it through the curb side recycling automated sorters. Labels need to be sent to landfill.

Lids, pumps and triggers: Our lids are made of various plastic resins that can be recycled; however, the lids are too small to successfully make it through the curb side recycling automated sorters, which means they go to landfill. Pumps and triggers are made of mixed resin and material types – for this reason and due to size, they also can’t be successfully recycled curb side and are for landfill.