When Jane first taught me to make laundry powder I felt like I been accepted into an exclusive club -secret handshake and all! I mean, as far as I knew everyone brought it off the shelf right? Well probably for the best there are no secret hand gestures or clubs and at Figgy & Co we would love it to be less of a secret. In this newsletter I’d thought I’d share with you the tips Jane and I have picked up over the years and why believe it to be such a great product.

The key to our laundry powder lies in the fact that is is super concentrated with no fillers- every ingredient is doing its part to clean your clothes.  The benefit of this? You use less powder in each load, your dollar streches further and you reduce your chemical exposure to the absolute minimum neccesary. And this is important because the clothes we wear, the towels we dry with and the sheets we sleep in are all washed in laundry powder. Twenty-four seven our skin is exposed to the residues of laundry powder- so the question really is, why wouldn’t you want a chemically conscious laundry powder?

The first step is to evenly mix your dry ingredients; baking soda (deoderiser), washing soda (cleaner) and borax (water softener). This can be done in a food processor or bowl. Next you want to add your wet ingredients: Figgy liquid cleaning soap (grime fighting power house) and if using essential oil (scent), and evenly combine. Voila you are done!

Here are our tips:

  • Less really is more. One tablespoon is enough for a 6 kg load of washing so adjust accordingly. Overuse can lead to an unneccesarily high residue on your clothes. As with all powders this can be particulalrly irritating for people with sensitive skin.

  • If texture is important to you using a food processor will give you a nice even grain. If you use a bowl to mix, your powder will still clean just as well but may be a bit lumpy and bumpy.

  • If you are going to use your food processor why not make multiple batches? Make one batch at a time as to not overload your processor, but for the effort of washing up your powder will last much longer.

  • Remember to scrap down the sides of bowl and blades a couple of times- the wet ingredients like to stick to these when they really should be in your powder.

  • Add your essential oil to your liquid soap, before adding to your dry ingredients. This will make sure the scent is evenly distributed and cuts down mixing time.

  • As with any fine powder (be it non-toxic like baking soda or carcinogenic like asbestos) no dust is good for your lungs. Where possible mix in a well ventillatied space, use a tea towel over your processior, and if one is handy wear a dust mask. Likewise wash your hands well afterwards.

  • Use essential oils to enhance your laundry powders cleaning power. For example tea tree is a great antispetic, eucalyptus counters winter bugs, whereas citrus oils like lemon and orange are great degreasers. Or use a scent because you love its aroma, for me its lavender.

  • Depending on the speed of your mixing your powder can generate warmth. Be sure to let the powder cool entitely to room temp before you store in an airtight container. If not you will end up with something that resembles laundry-powder-concrete!

  • Lastly store your powder in an air tight container. However if your powder does hardens over time it has not lost any cleaning power. Just break it up with a fork or similar and it is good to go!

The full recipe for Figgy laundry powder can be found on our website under recipes/homecleaning  (http://www.figgyandco.co.nz/#!laundry-recipes/c1hh3)

Let us know how you get on and happy mixing everyone!

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