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Figgy’s Bar Soap

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Figgy's bar soap for laundry and dishes!

Figgy’s bar soap is an absolute goodie!

Specially formulated for cleaning, you will reach for this hand held cleaner time and time again! We take ethical, fair traded coconut oil and craft it into our ultimate cleaning companion. Soap has been trusted for generations to get cleaning done, and Figgy’s bar soap is no different easily lifting grease and grime!


  • Remove stains on clothes
  • Do the dishes by hand
  • Skin friendly, Earth friendly
  • Hand-batched in Paraparaumu




Available as a bar soap, approximately 100g

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We've specially formulated our bar soap for the job of cleaning up and geez we did a good job! Our soap is perfect for doing the dishes, blasting stains in the laundry or for spot cleaning the carpet! Use this soap in a bucket of warm water for washing delicate clothes. Rub a wet cloth or brush directly on the soap for washing a few things in the sink with the tap running. This soap is also a must have ingredient when grated into DIY hand soap, laundry powder and dish soap recipes. Don't forget to take it on holiday for doing the hand washing!

Soap made specifically for non-toxic home cleaning

Our hand-poured soap starts with fair traded coconut oil that we can trace back to where it was grown. Using our own recipe, we craft with love the ultimate cleaning companion in our Paraparaumu workshop. Soap's been trusted for generations to get cleaning done well, and Figgy's bar soap is no different! In fact our formulating means our soap is the perfect, gentle cleaner you'll reach for time and time again.

Gentle on people and the environment

Figgy Bar soap is 100% Pure soap and free from detergent. Amazingly, soap has been used as a cleaner for over 2500 years! Detergent is the new kid on the block invented less than 100 years ago and manmade synthetic soap formulated in a laboratory. We choose soap because it has a better track record for people and planet, detergent is known for irritating and striping your skin of oils, and damaging our waterways and its creatures as it heads down the drain.

Available in a bar approximately 100g

Grey water and septic tank safe.



How to use Figgy’s bar soap

A bar of soap is a concentrated cleaner. Simply wet up under a tap or rub directly onto a wet surface to activate. Between uses allow to air dry so the soap lasts longer. Soap bar can be cut in half to use a smaller piece.

Dishes by hand: Run a sink with hot water, hold the bar under the hot tap or use a soap shaker. Swish the soap through the water to make a soap mix. When the water feels slightly slippery to touch, there is the right amount of soap in the water.

Stains on clothes: Wet up the area to be treated, and then rub with the bar soap. Make a good lather by rubbing the fabric on itself. rinse immediately or allow the suds to sit on the stain for 15-30 minutes for tougher or older stains. Wash as normal.

Spot cleaning clothes: as above, but rinse the treated area and allow to dry.

Oily stains: As above except do not wet up the oily stain. Wet the bar soap and rub this directly onto the oil/ grease. This is to not add too much water and to ensure all the oil is emulsified to be removed. When the oil turns white, rinse away.

Spot cleaning carpet and sofa: blot up or scrape off the worst of the mess. Slightly wet up the area then rub with bar soap. Use your fingers or soft brush to work the soap into the mark. Use fresh water to rinse and a clean towel to blot the water. repeat the rinse and blot several times to remove the soap and residual water. Allow to air dry.

Made from ingredients your recognise

Pure soap (coconut oil, distilled water, sodium hydroxide). At the end of curing, this cold processed soap is 100% pure soap with no remaining coconut oil.

Free from detergents, dyes, perfumes or additives

We also have a bulk 4 pack of Figgy bar soap, unboxed. It’s for those of you who don’t need the box every time while offering you a discount for buying in bulk.

Use a soap holder that allows your soap to drain. We stock Block dock soap holders, they suction on to the side of your sink or splash back and will fit most soaps!

Doing dishes by hand? Why not try a soap shaker – load up the cage with a bar of Figgy bar soap, then swish under the tap to easily make soapy water for dishes or general cleaning!



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‘It’s the putting right that counts’

If for any reason you have a question or issue get in touch via email (theteam@figgyandco.co.nz)! We are here to help. We trade within the terms of the consumer guarantees act – not because we have to, but because we want you to have the best Figgy & Co. experience!

1-5 of 32 reviews
  1. Amazingly effective at removing stains from clothes as a pre-wash. I also used it to clean a wool rug and it came up very soft and clean.

  2. Great product

  3. It’s so amazing how it removes all types of stains!

  4. Works very well on paint on toddlers clothes. Gentle on our hands

  5. Good!

1-5 of 32 reviews
  1. Amazingly effective at removing stains from clothes as a pre-wash. I also used it to clean a wool rug and it came up very soft and clean.

  2. Great product

  3. It’s so amazing how it removes all types of stains!

  4. Works very well on paint on toddlers clothes. Gentle on our hands

  5. Good!


This soap is effective against a ton of different stains. It’ll remove blood, grass, oil, berries, chocolate, dirt, lipstick, make up, marker ped, ink, collar grime and more!

Our bar soap is fragrance free, it has a neutral soap smell that is very mild.

This bar soap is pure soap with no additional ingredients. No additives, dyes, colours or fragrance. It is also detergent free. This is the kind of soap that has been traditionally made for 100’s of years!

There’s no reason why you can’t. Many people who get irritated skin from detergents, fragrance and additives find this pure soap more gentle on their skin. Having said that, a pure soap made for body will be more moisturising.