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Courtnee’s Journey to Eczema Safe Home Cleaners

Courtnee with baby

Meet courtnee: Embracing eczema safe cleaning for a healthier home

Tēnā koutou katoa ,
Ko Courtnee Matthews tōku ingoa, he uri ahau no Ngāpuhi me Ngāti Awa.

I am a mama to 3 beautiful children (Jada-9, Cairo-3, Caylin-2) with my partner Joey, and together we live in Dargaville, Northland ☀️

The Start of our Journey

Traditionally we have always cleaned with products that smelt nice and were on special (makes me cringe saying this now👀). It’s the way my family have cleaned for generations. If it smelt strong and ‘clean’ then it was the best thing to use, like bleach 🤢…. boy did I have no idea about the reality of being CLEAN!

Discovering Figgy & Co

Our journey with Figgy and Co begun when Caylins eczema became unbearable. I remember he was all of 4/5 months old and I was up late at night scrolling the net hunting for anything that could give him relief! He was riddled in Staph infections, on routine courses of oral antibiotic and every topical concoction you can think off…. none of which gave him any relief! What I do remember so vividly is the constant blood stain cot each morning or nap from his irritated itching. It was awful…

I finally came across Figgy & Co’s website and started to read more. I was up googling and researching for hours one night he was inconsolable and I was mentally tapped out. Through their website my eyes were opened to a whole other level of eczema understanding and I felt like I was eczema literate for once in my life lol. I gained knowledge on the do’s and don’ts with eczema, allergies and healthy environments for our bodies to thrive in.

Ditching the chemicals and Making the switch

Figgy and Co DIY CleanersWe saved for a few weeks before biting the bullet and going all out! We knew the financial investment in Figgy was beyond justified for the health results we would get in return, most importantly for our sons skin. Overnight we went from store bought cleaners, laundry products and toiletries to being a chemical free household. I purchased The Ultimate DIY Kit, a foaming hand soap kit and an extra Figgy bar soap.

DIY Natural Cleaning ProductsAs soon as it arrived we tipped out all store bought cleaners, rinsed the containers and begun filling them with our own DIY Figgy Products. I have never known every ingredient used in a product until we went DIY and now I can’t imagine going back!

A Year of transformation

We’ve been apart of the Figgy Whānau for over a year now and it’s been such an empowering part of our journey. Our journey in finding relief for our sons skin and allergies. Our journey in becoming more environmentally conscious for long-term sustainability. Our journey to building a healthier home for our generations to flourish. But most importantly for changing the generational narrative around chemicals and cleaning. The best part about it is we’re creating positive examples for our children to make conscious decisions for their long-term health.

Child Holding Foaming Hand Soap

Seeing and helping me make our laundry powder or hand wash isn’t a common activity for most kids but it’s one that ours love. It’s this kind of education and knowledge we need to pass down to our leaders of tomorrow so that futures start to change for our people ❤️

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