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Create A Sanctuary ~ Create A Sanctuary ~ Create A Sanctuary ~ Create A Sanctuary ~ Create A Sanctuary ~ Create A Sanctuary ~ Create A Sanctuary ~ Create A Sanctuary ~ Create A Sanctuary ~ Create A Sanctuary ~ Create A Sanctuary ~ Create A Sanctuary ~ Create A Sanctuary ~ Create A Sanctuary ~

A Change That's Easy To Make

Natural cleaning products that work for the well-being of your home, and with the ecosystem of our earth.
We’ve bundled up everything you need to start, in super convenient packs.
Give your home a treat with these delish-smelling, natural cleaners.
We’re in this together - we’ll even give you the recipe.
Skin safe laundry solutions for all the family - ideal for allergies

Let Figgy Help You Out.
From Our Family to Yours

It starts with love from the Kapiti Coast,
& our batch-made liquid Castile Soap. It'll change your cleaning!
This all-purpose soap cleaner is 100% detergent free. That's gentle for you, and the environment.
Figgy's own Castile Soap,
It's our secret sauce!
Plus safe ingredients you recognise
(no chemical waffle here)
Mix & match: Figgy made cleaners, or nab our recipes and DIY

For You, Your Family, and the Earth

Most importantly, for the earth we're leaving behind for our kids.

We've cleaned things straight up by eliminating the all the chemical waffle & nasties - Figgy & Co. makes cleaning better for you and our planet. Keep your home your sanctuary with our gorgeous smelling, pared-back cleaning products.
Pure essential oils
Palm-oil free
Waterway & septic safe

Figgy Customer Faves

great to use
Rosemary L.
Washing Soda (soda ash dense)
great product in our diy cleaning
Rosemary L.
Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate)
Very used product in our house cleaning
Rosemary L.
Strong White Vinegar
Great way to stock up
Rosemary L.
Figgy's Bar Soap - 4 pack unboxed
Awesome versatile product
Rosemary L.
Home Cleaning Castile Soap
Purchased the DIY sample pack to start us on the way to detoxifying our home - what a great pack & thanks to the recipe book we've managed to make Laundry Powder & Liquid, Dish soap, Dishwasher powder, Bench spray, Glass cleaner, Toilet spray, Toilet bowl cleaner & the best of all - Figgy cleaning paste which works wonders on the shower.
Brad McKinnon
The Figgy Sampler - the ultimate DIY cleaning kit

Aromatherapy To Uplift & Transform Everyday Cleaning

Making your home smell nice matters. It's a little brain boost that tells you everything is clean and fresh.

Figgy's natural cleaning products harness aromatherapy to elevate everyday cleaning. Every time you wipe the bench, it's like a spa day. Cleaning becomes a daily ritual you'll enjoy. Our pure essential oil blends help you celebrate your home sanctuary and smell bloody good!

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