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Guest Blog: Getting Figgy for the first time

My Cleaning Philosophy Before Figgy

Hi, I am Nicki. First and foremost I am a Mum and Wife, but I also work full time and am the creator behind the @Tinybradys Instagram handle.

Before getting Figgy with it I always had a level of consciousness towards what I was buying. Although, in saying that my husband often does the grocery shopping and let’s be honest, he picks whatever is on sale.  So, I guess you could say that we had a mix of environmental friendly and what was on the promotional stand.

I personally love cleaning (like really REALLY love it) and balancing that urge since having children has been a challenge for me. The struggle is real for my kids too, especially when they are trying to enjoy messy play and Mums inner OCD is stressing over the stains and spills. I’m getting better though and funnily enough it was as a result of messy play that I landed on the Figgy path.

Discovering Figgy & Co

Post a homemade slime stain disaster, I found myself googling remedies for removal and I discovered my good friend baking soda. Next thing I knew I was Iooking into other home cleaner recipes and googling up a storm, when I came across Figgy & Co. I watched their Instagram account for a few weeks before I decided to take the plunge.

My First Figgy Products

Figgy and Co Everyday Spray Bottle alongside the Figgy and Co Laundry Powder and Soaker

I started with a bench spray, glass cleaner, cleaning paste and laundry powder. Not long after that it expanded to the laundry soaker, bar soap and foaming hand wash.

I love all of the little practical details about Figgy & Co.

The way the laundry powder and soaker stack perfectly on top of each other and easily on a window sill or small shelf. How the bar soap is the perfect size for Mummy hands and little o

nes that want to help too. And then there is the high power nozzle on the spray bottles, jeepers that’s a force to be reckoned with and so satisfying to use I tell you.

The products are really interchangeable in terms of use but I have definitely made up my own mind as to

 my favourite ways to use them.  The cleaning paste is incredible for anything stainless, my tapware has never looked so shiny and I have also repurchased a litre refill of the bench spray as I use that on all surfaces in our house.

The Ultimate Test: Figgy Bar Soap

Cleaning a stain with the Figgy Bar Soap

My absolute favourite product is the Figgy bar soap.  I have put it to the test on everything from blueberries, strawberries, oil and spag bol. You name it and we have probably had the stain. If I can get onto the stain straight away, I rub the bar straight on to the item and then pop it into the wash. On older stains I like to rub the bar on and then gently work it into a lather with a soft toothbrush before popping it into the wash. Figgy hasn’t let me down in a challenge yet.


The Subtle Charm of Figgy’s Essential Oil Blends

In wrapping up I do also just want to mention the Lemon laundry powder. I send clothing packages (things my girls have grown out of) to a friend every few months. She messaged me after the last package and asked if it was wrong that she had to keep sniffing my washing as it smelt so good. The lemon is so subtle and soft but it does leave a beautiful light and fresh smell to clothing.

Why we’re sticking with figgy

I am definitely a Figgy life-er now, I love my products and can’t honestly see myself using anything else. I also think it’s awesome that my girls can join in on the fun, helping make the recipes available on Figgy & Co.’s website.

Well worth the try if you haven’t taken the leap yet. And, if you are looking for that little push then I say do it, you won’t be disappointed.

Nicki x