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How Baby Safe Natural Cleaning Protects Our Littlest Loves

Baby in Highchair with Figgy Everyday Spray

Why our kids aren’t just mini-adults

Kids and babies aren’t just smaller versions of us—they’re uniquely vulnerable to the harsh chemicals that lurk unnoticed in many homes today. With each generation facing more synthetic substances than ever before, it’s critical to adopt natural cleaning methods to protect these pint-sized members of our fam. Reducing chemical exposure at home is especially crucial for your little ones, focusing on baby safe natural cleaning solutions.

Why chemical exposure poses bigger risks for younger bodies

The impact of chemical exposure on babies and children is far more significant than on adults. Here’s why this demographic’s physiological differences make a compelling case for natural and non-toxic cleaning solutions:

  • Exploring the Home Equals an Increased Risk: Children and babiesBaby Crawling on the Floor naturally explore the world with their mouths. This behaviour significantly increases their risk of ingesting chemical baddies, whether it’s from a favourite blanket, toys, or any objects they come across. The question of what these items are washed with becomes crucial because what’s on them ends up inside these little explorers.
  • Higher Metabolic Rates Mean Greater Absorption: Babies and children have higher metabolic rates compared to adults, requiring more energy and oxygen per kilogram of body weight. This means they absorb more of whatever chemicals are present on surfaces where food is prepared, or in the air they breathe, making them disproportionately affected by the same environment.
  • Immature Body Systems Struggle with Toxins: The younger the child, the less mature their organ systems. This immaturity hampers their ability to detoxify and eliminate toxins, leading to potential accumulations that their bodies are not equipped to handle.
  • Closer Proximity to Where Toxins Settle: Often, young, and immobile babies are placed on the floor for safety, and mobile children play there. Since many toxins in a household settle on the floor, these children are in direct contact with harmful substances more frequently and intensively than adults.
  • Toxin Exposure can Cause Developmental Delays: Children’s bodies require constant energy for growth and development. When exposed to toxins, their bodies may prioritise detoxification, potentially stalling developmental processes. Repeated exposures can lead to improper formation of their organ systems over time.
  • Longer Exposure Over a Lifetime and Respiratory Risks: Children born today have more years ahead of them to accumulate toxins in their bodies compared to adults. Frequent use of cleaning products in the home may increase a baby’s risk of developing asthma and chronic wheezing during early childhood. A recent study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal highlights that infants are more susceptible to chemicals due to their developing organs and immune systems. High use of scented cleaning products was associated with a higher risk of asthma and wheezing in children, likely due to inflammatory responses of the immune system triggered by exposure to harmful chemicals hidden under the term “fragrance” on labels. Starting with a lower chemical exposure as early as possible is essential to keep this cumulative exposure within safe limits. Learn more about reducing indoor air pollutants.

The Benefits of natural and non-toxic cleaning products

Opting for natural and non-toxic cleaning products offers more than peace of mind—it provides safety for your family. Long gone are the days when natural cleaning was just an old-fashioned idea; today, it’s a necessary return to safer, healthier practices.

Embracing safe, simple, and effective cleaning solutionsBaby teething

Choosing Figgy & Co’s products means saying no to harmful chemicals like hormone disruptors, sensitising agents, and petrochemicals that can wreak havoc on a child’s developing body. Instead, you opt for simple, safe, and highly effective solutions that promise cleanliness without compromise. Most of the time, soap is enough. It’s the best cleaner out there, we stake our reputation on it. Embracing natural cleaning isn’t just about avoiding chemicals; it’s about fostering a lifestyle that supports the well-being of your family and the environment.

Here are our top tips for reducing your child’s exposure to harmful chemicals:

  • Limit the number of household cleaning products you routinely use. Regular cleaning with soap and water or a kid-friendly DIY formula can remove most household grime, whereas odour-masking air fresheners can be a source of continuous, harmful emissions.
  • Avoid indiscriminate use of spray cleaners. Remember what you put into the air you will inhale. If you use one, spray it into a cloth rather than directly on the surface to reduce inhalation of the aerosolised liquid and contaminated household dust. – We suggest using our Figgy Everyday Spray or our disinfectant spray.
  • Open windows and doors for good ventilation during and after cleaning. Frequent ventilation also inhibits mould growth and odours.
  • Avoid products with the term “fragrance” on the label.
  • Look for labels that fully disclose all ingredients, including fragrance chemicals. And don’t give “fragrance free” products an automatic pass. They may still contain respiratory irritants, allergens, and asthmagens. All our Figgy and Co cleaners come either fragrance free or have natural fragrances from pure essential oils.
  • Regular removal of toxins that settle on the floor is important. Taking off shoes before coming into the house will stop extra toxins coming into your home combined with regular vacuuming and mopping.