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Babies are not small adults

Babies are not small adults. They are physiologically different and as a result are more sensitive to the chemicals found in everyday modern life. What’s worse, the child of today is exposed to more chemicals and synthetic formulations than any generation gone before. This is why natural cleaning can be of significant benefit for the health of babies and children. Scientists can dedicate a lifetimes work to researching the complexities of chemicals and the impact these have on a childs life….. this blog is not going to try and reproduce this. Instead it’s a run-down for the everyday adult wanting to know a bit more.


If you are reading this you probably already know that reducing your exposure to chemicals is important for everyone. There are many health benefits to natural and non-toxic cleaning, and this is particularly true for babies and children. They are far more vulnerable when it comes to the chemical burden on their bodies. In general babies and children are more sensitive to chemicals than adults, with some chemical exposure causing no measurable effect in adults, yet harm to our little people. This is dues to many factors including:

  • Behaviourally children will explore the world with their mouths. Based on frequency alone babies and children are likely to ingest more of the toxins they come into contact with. Does your child have something it sucks, like a blankie? What was it washed in? Does your child gnaw and gum things? What was used to clean that?

  • Babies and children have a higher metabolic rate than adults; that is their bodies require more energy and oxygen than adults (per kg of body weight). If the surfaces in which their food is prepared and presented, and the air in which they breathe are chemically laden, kg for kg they will take on board more chemicals and toxins compared to adults.

  • The younger a child is the more immature their organs. As a result they are less easily able to detoxify and excrete toxins; this more readily leads to a ‘lag’ or build-up of toxins and chemicals in their bodies.

  • For young babies who are immobile they are often rested low on the floor for safety. Likewise, mobile babies and children often explore and play on to the ground. This is when the fast majority of toxins settle and therefore the opportunity to ingest toxins is greater.

  • Children are constantly requiring energy to grow and develop. When their bodies are exposed to toxins and unsafe chemicals their development goes ‘on hold’ and prioritises detoxification. Over time if this frequently occurs the development of their organ systems may fail to form correctly.

  • Lastly, compared to adults children of today have more years for new toxins and chemicals to accumulate in their bodies and reach unsafe levels- this is why it is so important to reduce their exposure as soon as possible.

What natural and non-toxic cleaning offers you is reassurance that you are putting everything in your favour when it comes to your baby’s health and it wasn’t all that long ago that this was the norm. Generations that came before us lived for many years in a clean and healthy manner without big brand cleaning companies. Being able to trust a commercial cleaning product, or be oblivious to the ingredients they use is a thing of the past. As science and technology has developed over time cleaning products have now been transformed into chemically laden, synthetically developed products designed for sparkle and shine. By saying YES to natural and non-toxic cleaning products, like Figgy & Co, you are saying NO to hormone disruptors, sensitising agents and petrochemicals (to name just a few), which cause major havoc on a young person’s body. You are saying yes to simple formulations that are natural and non-toxic, safe and effective.

Natural cleaners are fully integrated into our home, my kids (and husband for that matter) know no better and we are all the better for it!


Aimee x