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Cleaning Vinegar

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Our strong white vinegar is a cleaning staple!

Figgy & Co. cleaning vinegar is special! It’s double the strength of regular supermarket vinegar, which not only gives it more OOMPH! It also makes it more versatile because you can dilute it to all your cleaning needs.

Vinegar has long been used as a general purpose cleaning ally that softens, deodorises, shines and sanitises. Great to have on hand and use it in the same ways out grannies would have – after all it’s been trusted for generations


  • Non-tox cleaning staple
  • Double strength & NZ brewed
  • Dilute or use neat




Available in 1L and 5L bottles

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white vinegar is a natural cleaning staple

You'll find lots of uses for this cleaning vinegar in your home keeping routine. White vinegar deodorises, shines and sanitises. This makes it a really great swap out for ditching multiple toxic cleaners at once. Use it for surface cleaning, in your dishwasher as a rinse aid, or in your laundry as a fabric softener.

And Figgy vinegar has another trick! It's double strength and traditionally brewed here in NZ, making it local, concentrated and more versatile than most! We choose naturally brew vinegar over the cheap stuff because brewing and distilling is the traditional way of making vinegar, where a sugar is brewed to an alcohol, which is in turn fermented to a vinegar. The alternative is a laboratory made acetic acid which is synthesized from petro-chems. Yuck!

Available in 1L and bulk 5L size

Figgy & Co Strong white vinegar is food grade and made from naturally brewed NZ vinegar and contains 9.9% acetic acid.


Free from petrochemicals and additives

How to use cleaning vinegar at home

Can be used neat or diluted. Vinegar will deodorise as it dries, leaving the smell of clean (not pickles). Avoid using on grout and natural stone as overtime pitting may occur.

For a general purpose disinfecting spray: add 3000ml vinegar to 150ml water, spray and wipe. Leave for 30 minutes before wiping to really target germs.

For glass, stainless steel, and mirrors: Dilute with equal parts water in a trigger bottle, spray then buff to a shine.

Dishwasher rinse aid: Dilute with equal parts water and add to your dispenser.

Fabric softener and odour eater: Add 1/4 – 1/2 cup undiluted to your washing machine’s rinse cycle.

Water spots and mineral build up on shower glass:  spray neat onto glass, wait 30 minutes then scrub.

Check out this blog for more ideas on how to use vinegar in your cleaning routine


storage and safety

  • While this white vinegar is food grade we do not recommend you use it as a food as it is stored and packed at out workshop with other non-food items.
  • Store out of reach of children and pet. While not toxic, this vinegar is strong and would not be pleasant.
  • Keep bottles labelled.

Depending on what you are cleaning, you may want to dilute the strength of this vinegar.

Supermarket vinegar is typically 4% in strength, making Figgy vinegar at 9.9% – 2.5 x as concentrated. To demonstrate the value of Figgy vinegar, if you took 1L of Figgy vinegar and diluted it with another 1.4L of water (total 2.4L) you would have vinegar the same concentration as that found in the supermarket.

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‘It’s the putting right that counts’

If for any reason you have a question or issue get in touch via email (theteam@figgyandco.co.nz)! We are here to help. We trade within the terms of the consumer guarantees act – not because we have to, but because we want you to have the best Figgy & Co. experience!

1-5 of 55 reviews
  1. Awesome product, highly recommend

  2. Very used product in our house cleaning

  3. Great ingredient for my diy cleaning products.

  4. Does wonders for my home cleaning

  5. Awesome cleaning power and im no longer worried about what in my cleaning products

1-5 of 55 reviews
  1. Awesome product, highly recommend

  2. Very used product in our house cleaning

  3. Great ingredient for my diy cleaning products.

  4. Does wonders for my home cleaning

  5. Awesome cleaning power and im no longer worried about what in my cleaning products


No! Using white vinegar as a fabric softener works a treat! It will leave your clothes smelling fresh and neutral after drying thanks to the deodorising vinegar does. All the smell of vinegar goes completely once your clothes are dry.

Yes you can. First clean the area with hot soapy water. We suggest using your vinegar as a 6% strength spray and leaving contact with the surface for at least 30 minutes. Essential oils such as Tea tree can also be added to the vinegar to aid in mould control. Make a 6% solution by using 300ml vinegar with 150ml water.