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Laundry Soaker 2kg Refill

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Top up your own container with our big Laundry soaker refill

Low waste refills at home have never been so easy! Say bye bye to those plastic tubs!

Not only that, this Laundry soaker more concentrated than the rest  At an amazing 50% active (supermarket brands are 20-25% active) you will use less and get great results!

  • Oxi powered – free from chlorine bleach
  • Concentrated so you use less
  • Fragrance free
  • Home compostable packaging


Available in a 2kg bag

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Plastic free and a laundry soaker that gets amazing results – it’s a win, win!

This is the ideal laundry soaker if you have your own containers to refill. Our big sturdy plain paper bags are home compostable with no plastic liner and really are a great no-fuss way to top up your own containers at home without the waste. When your soaker arrives simply decant into an air tight, labelled container.

This soaker blasts stains with environmentally friendly Oxi power, it’s also a better choice for you! No more choking on bad-for-you chlorine gas fumes!

The active ingredient, Oxygen bleach effectively removes stains by oxidizing them. It’s a better environmental choice. When activated by warm water, the oxygen bleach releases hydrogen peroxide and washing soda – you will see the tiny peroxide bubbles. This Oxi action lifts and fades stains like blood, grass, dirt, wine and daily grime while not stripping colour from your clothes.

Here’s what else makes this soaker the bees knees!

We’ve left out the all the usual suspects that can give us itchy skin, we’ve also left out the fillers because they don’t clean anything!

  • Its ultra pared back and has just two ingredients, both ones you recognise. Baking soda and Oxygen bleach.
  • Its also concentrated so you use less. At 50% active it’s more than twice the strength of most supermarket brands.
  • It’s free from fragrance and enzymes which is perfect for sensitive skin.

We also don’t add any other additives – No detergent, no chlorine bleach, no bleach activators and no optical brighteners that trick you into thinking your clothes are cleaner than they actually are!


Available in a 2kg bag


Arrives in a plain paper bag suitable for home composting or curb side recycling. Decant into your airtight container when it arrives

Made from ingredients you recognise!

Figgy & Co. laundry powder is made from Oxygen bleach and Baking soda


Free from Chlorine bleach, optical brighteners, detergents, fragrance, enzymes

How to use laundry soaker at home

Dissolve into warm/hot water or add directly to your wash. Use to soak one or two items separately in a bucket or as an in wash booster. Once activated by water, the oxi bleach will be active for several hours. it is best to soak for at least 2 hours when targeting stains.

While the active ingredient oxygen bleach is considered colour fast, please be mindful that simply soaking a highly coloured items in warm or hot water can release dye. Avoid using on protein based fibres like wool or silk. May react with metals, for example zippers.

Oxygen bleach works by oxidising stains, that is uses the power of oxygen to break down a stain.

For bucket soaking: Dissolve 1/4 cup laundry soaker in warm to hot water and submerge your item

In wash booster: Add 2 tablespoons to 1/4 cup to your wash. Select a longer wash with water at least 30 deg, but warmer is better.

Make a paste: Add a small amount directly onto wetted fabric, best for white or pale coloured clothing


Storage and safety

  • Store in an air tight container that is labelled and out of reach of children and pets.
  • This is an alkaline cleaner, wash you hands after use.
  • Because oxygen release gas when activated ingestion can be very detrimental as trapped gas will cause bloat. Oxygen supports combustion.


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‘It’s the putting right that counts’

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1-1 of 1 review
  1. Work perfectly for our septic tank

1-1 of 1 review
  1. Work perfectly for our septic tank


Oxygen bleach breaks down stains by oxidation. This makes it particularly useful for biological stains, plant pigments and general grime of daily life.

  • Blood
  • coffee
  • red wine
  • tea
  • dirt and grime
  • grass
  • almost all stains from daily wear.