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From skeptic to convert – Who even am I?!

Figgy and Co DIY Cleaning products

The Starting Point: Overcoming My scepticism

Before I discovered the magic of Figgy & Co, we tended to buy whatever cleaning and laundry products were on special or that offered no scrub, quick, no rinse cleaning. But I hated cleaning the bath or toilet as the strong chemical laden cleaners gave me a headache and the smell seemed to stay stuck up my nostrils well after I finished cleaning.

Figgy and Co DIY Cleaning Paste sitting above a bath tub

Initial Doubts and Questions

I was intrigued when I saw Figgy & Co pop up offering all natural, non-toxic alternatives which were also budget friendly. I will admit I was sceptical at first – I remember sending a message to the lovely Figgy ladies saying I was a self -confessed germ phobe and loved the idea of all natural products and not so many chemicals invading my home- but am I actually going to be getting rid of the ‘nasties’?

Discovering the Effectiveness of Figgy & Co

The answer was yes, don’t panic – you’ll get rid of the nasties! Essential oils all have the ability to reduce ‘bugs’, and vinegar is perfect for cleaning and disinfecting – preserved food would spoil if it wasn’t used! Good point. So, I took the first step and ordered a starter pack of bench spray and cleaning paste. From then on I was hooked, and I’ll tell you why. For the purposes of this blog, I’m going to focus on cleaning in the bathroom and laundry – but the bench spray is AMAZING if you want to give it a go in the kitchen.

The Star of Bathroom Cleaning: Figgy’s Cleaning Paste

The star of the show for bathroom cleaning is the Cleaning Paste. It’s ridiculously easy to make as you just mix three ingredients in a bowl and it’s done! Cleaning the bath, sink and tiles is a breeze – that lovely ‘ring’ around the bath you get (thanks kids) is so easy to remove, the baking soda scrubs away dirt and grime really easily but it doesn’t scour or scrape any surfaces. It gives our white tiles and pale grey grout a new lease in life in minutes. My favourite essential oil to use with the paste is peppermint, it just smells so fresh! No more headaches from strong chemical laden products. I also use Cleaning Paste to get rid of any stains on my white Converse shoes. It’s also great to use on the chrome tapware. What doesn’t it do?!

Success in the Laundry Room

FIggy and Co DIY Laundry Powder sitting next to a pile of washingOnto the star of the show for laundry cleaning – Figgy Laundry Powder. Again, I was sceptical about switching to this from our usual Persil or Surf – would it actually clean our clothes well enough? I ordered a small amount to try first, and yes, our clothes came out just as clean as with other laundry powders – but we now don’t itch, our clothes feel better, they smell amazing (I use a mix of lemon and sweet orange essential oil) and there is no soap residue. We have found it cheaper in the long run as we buy the DIY ingredients in bulk now – and it’s so quick and easy to make up another batch when we run out.

Embracing DIY

I chose to DIY the products – but you can also buy ready made products. I actually find it so fun/satisfying making them myself! Choosing the essential oil scent is the best part – so far I have used peppermint, lemon and sweet orange. Sweet orange is probably my favourite for laundry powder at the moment.

So, if you are a sceptic like me … fear not, I can tell you that my scepticism was blown away by the way Figgy & Co works. Cleaning is a pleasure (who even am I?!) and I love that we are now using natural, non-toxic home cleaners in our home. It is no more expensive than shop bought cleaners – I actually think it’s cheaper in the long run #figgyforlife!