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Nespresso Lover? Your how-to guide for cleaning your machine figgy style!

Nespresso Machine

My husband loves his Nespresso machine, I think it would come in a close second to our kids on his favourite list (I probably scrape in at third).

A month or so ago I put an Instagram story up of our cleaning routine and I was overwhelmed with messages for more information and how our machine looks so good for five years old. Indiana our eldest daughter, clearly doesn’t drink coffee but, she knows the way to her daddy’s heart and is an avid cleaner of his prize possession. So with her help for those of you interested, here is our Figgy vs Nespresso clean.

What You’ll Need for a Spotless Nespresso Machine

Getting ready to clean the parts of a Nespresso machine with Figgy and Co's Cleaning Paste



Child holding the Figgy and Co Cleaning Paste

One thing I do need to point out is that my wee helper tends to use more cleaning paste than what I would.  I do let her scoop the product out herself and often that means a bit more than necessary but I am ok with that.  I would say the equivalent of 1 ½ tsp of cleaning paste would be ample.

Preparing Your Machine

Firstly, remove any used capsules from the tray before you start, and tip out any excess water from the drip tray.

We recycle our pods. For those of you who don’t know about this check out the Nespresso website there are tonnes of places across New Zealand where you can recycle pods.  Ours is a local garden centre which is great.

Applying the Cleaning Paste

Take one of your soft cloths and lightly rub Figgy & Co cleaning paste well into each part.  Spending a bit more time on the parts that build up the most grime, like the drip trays and the pod holder.

Cleaning Nespresso Machine parts with Figgy & Co Cleaning Paste

Rinsing and Washing

Once you have rubbed the cleaning paste over each part.  Fill the parts which will hold water i.e. drip trays, milk frother, with warm water.

Child pouring water into Nespresso milk frother cleaning it

Once the water is added, you will see straight away that the cleaning paste starts to bubble and work its magic lifting all that grime.

Figgy and Co's Cleaning paste bubbling in the Nespresso Machine part

With the parts which don’t hold water, run these under warm water.  I find the cleaning paste lifts off easily, however you might want to use a cloth to make sure it lifts from hard to reach places like the corners.

Drying and Finishing Touches

Sit the parts which you have rinsed well under water on the bench to drip dry while you then work on the trays which have been hanging out in a Figgy bath.  We literally just tip out the water and then run them under the tap a few times until all of the cleaning paste has lifted.  Again, if you want you can use your cloth to remove any excess.

From there you can leave everything to drip dry, or if you are like us we like a good shine on that stainless so use our second soft cloth to dry everything off.

Pat yourself (and any helpers) on the back because that is a job well done!

You are done! Put the lid back on your Figgy & Co cleaning paste and pop it away until its next mission. Nicki @tinybradys x

Child with cleaned Nespresso Machine