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Grey Water

Have you heard of grey water? It might not sound particularly appealing – But it could be a summer revolution for you! Grey water is nothing more than the water that goes down your drain when we shower or do a load of washing.Β  At the height of summer when local councils have water restrictions – grey water is the answer you need for your wilting garden! Using simple, low chemical cleaners in your home is best way to make the most of your grey water – leaving minimal residue and being safe for your plants. This really is where Figgy & Co products do double duty.

Getting started is as easy as redirecting water from the washing machines final rinse, having a bucket on the floor when you have a shower or get inventive and syphon water from the bath – it’s amazing the volume of water that can be put to good use. Β There are a few simple rules to follow. Grey water is best used to water at or below soil level – fruit trees and ornamentals are the best plants to utilise grey water on. Grey water can be used on vegetables but not on part of the crop that you are going to eat. Anything that goes down the loo is considered black water – for health reasons black water is never used. As always apply common sense – the best grey water has the least chemicals in it, use it as a supplementary source and enjoy a lush summer garden.